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3. No spam!

Ok, the requirement actually says to keep spam below 0.3% but try to keep it as low as possible. How? Here are two recommendations:

1. Send the right message to the right audience

Engaging the right audience means you should only message people that have explicitly agreed to you messaging them. Don't buy mailing lists. Don't use dark patterns to automatically add people to a mailing list. Let them explicitly agree to it.

Sending the right message means you should only send messages they are interested in receiving. Instead of sending one-message-fit-all campaigns, use Segmentation to only engage the right audience. Here is a video of how segmentation works in Engage for example:

2. "Clean" your audience

Cleaning your audience means removing invalid emails and inactive subscribers from your email or customer lists. This is important because it helps maintain the quality of your list by reducing the number of failed messages and increasing engagement.

Ideally, you should ensure the right people get in in the first place. This means you can add an email verification tool at sign up or subscription and do double opt-ins when people subscribe to your lists.

Subsequently, monitor failed deliveries and remove recipients with permanent failures. Also monitor inactivity. Send reconfirmation emails to people that have not interacted with your email (no opens or clicks) over a period of time. Remove them from the list if they fail to reconfirm their subscription.

Home / Authentication / One-click Unsubscribe / No spam

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